Want To Upgrade Your Grown Up Life? Coach A Kid — A 10-Year Old Wake Up Call To Pay It Forward.

by chaddweston • May 18, 2016

  “What do you call a fake noodle? — An Impasta” “What do you call a cow with no legs? — Ground Beef” “What do you call a magic owl? —Hooodini” Phone call jokes from Danny (10) This is a tale of untold joys — neatly squared away down to 7 dotted bullets. It all started last summer. I was dating […]

A Seniors Moment And 3 Quick Tips to Better Business Storytelling

by chaddweston • April 29, 2016

  “Gretta, the internet is so fascinating!”  — “Honey, that’s the microwave.” __________________________________________   Golf Carts, Superhighways, and Senior Citizens – Confusion Is Never A Good Thing It was March of 1997. Our great uncle Guss and his lovely wife owned a trailer in a seniors park in Boca Raton, FL. Every morning, Uncle Guss would […]

Grande Blonde

by chaddweston • April 21, 2016

  I put my nose to the cup and inhaled deeply before bringing the liquid to my lips. Next, in traditional coffee-tasting fashion, I made a loud slurping noise as the coffee sprayed across my palate. My eyes opened wide. The taste was significantly different from anything Starbucks had ever brought to market. “Its smooth […]