1. Coffee Shops & Interviews

It all starts with a coffee. There is something about coffee shops — the aroma, the jazz music, the (usually) friendly baristas — that serve as the perfect venue to spawn creativity and excitement. Coffee shops are central to my freelance world and, even if you don’t drink coffee, I’m sure there’s something on the menu that will serve as a worthy alternative!

Step 2

2. Proposals & Signatures

Our proposals are submitted in the form of e-books, packaged with a service contract. Signing on the dotted line doesn’t have to be painful. We keep our service contracts simple and concise, with clearly managed work scopes, pricing structures, and timelines.

Step 3

3. What Do You Think?

During the production phase, we’ll be asking your opinion on an initial submission. This could be a print design piece, first edit on a video, or website prototype. We’re keen on keeping you in the loop every step of the way. This is your story, after all.

Step 4

4. Final Delivery

With your feedback and collaboration infused, your final product is ready. This is an exciting moment. Happy customer. New portfolio piece. Another success story in the books!

Step 5

5. Warranty & Support

All of our web services come with access to an online knowledge base and technical support warranty. The knowledge base serves as the hub for all “how-to” material. The technical warranty serves to ensure that your website is free of glitches from any work completed in our agreement.

Ready for that coffee?